>I saw it posted here a while back.
>Does anyone have the procedure for a complete NT restore from Retrospect
>Nick Scalise

Here's what you need to do:

1) Format the PC's hard drive
2) Install a fresh copy of NT to a temporary directory (like C:\WINTEMP)
3) Install the Retrospect Client software to your temporary directory
4) Activate the client software from your backup server
5) Restore the contents of the hard drive back to the PC.  Be sure to 
do a "Restore entire disk", and tell it to overwrite existing files. 
Do NOT reboot when done.
6) Use the Registry Backup Manager from your TEMPORARY Windows 
install to restore the Registry.  Set the destination to be the 
RESTORED Windows NT folder.

In theory, the backup will restore the computer to the way it was 
before, and upon reboot, the system will boot from the restored 
Windows directory.  In that case, you can delete the temporary 
Windows installation.

I'll also add that I've never been able to get this to work with NT. 
I fault NT for this, not Retrospect.  Seems that if you don't have 
one of those idiotic Windows NT information disks you're supposed to 
make from time to time, the restored NT can't be made to boot.


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