Only issue we've had is that we don't see very good backup speeds over 
802.11.  Best we ever get is 30mb/min over TCP/IP.  And this is under 
"ideal" conditions - only 1 laptop on the wireless segment, 20ft away from 
the basestation.  But other than the speed issue, things work great.  I've 
never had a backup fail or had any other problems.

Our backup server is a 233 beige G3, AIT changer on a 100mbit switched 
port.  Our iBooks and WaveLan enabled PC & Mac laptops all connect to 
Lucent WavePoint base stations (so we're not exactly talking "apples to 
apples" here since we don't use Airport bases).  Each WavePoint has its 
own 100mbit switched port on the same switch as the Retrospect server.  I 
know, I know, it seems a waste of good bandwidth to plug a WavePoint into 
a 100mbit switched port but it just makes me *feel* better to have those 
things on their own segments! =)

Mark Maytum
Pompanoosuc Mills Corporation

Andrew Philipoff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
02/02/00 11:43 AM
Please respond to "retro-talk"

        To:     "retro-talk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
        Subject:        Backups via 802.11b

We are about to roll out wireless ethernet (AirPort) on all our 
PowerBooks via Lucent WaveLan PC cards and AirPort enabled G4 towers. 
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with AirPort in regards 
to how it interacts with Retrospect. We have been backing up these 
laptops via 10/100 without any problems. Any comments or feedback 
would be appreciated.

Andrew Philipoff
Computer Resource Specialist
Magnetic Resonance Science Center
University of California, San Francisco
415-476-8809 fax
415-719-0067 pager

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