On 02/02/2000 somewhere around the time of 08:43 -0800, Andrew Philipoff spoke about 
"Backups via 802.11b":

>We are about to roll out wireless ethernet (AirPort) on all our PowerBooks via Lucent 
>WaveLan PC cards and AirPort enabled G4 towers. I was wondering if anyone has any 
>experience with AirPort in regards to how it interacts with Retrospect. We have been 
>backing up these laptops via 10/100 without any problems. Any comments or feedback 
>would be appreciated.

I have also had very good experiences with wireless and backing up (other than the 
speed issues Mark had brought up).  But I'm speaking from using a 2MB Lucent card with 
a 8MB card in a WaveLan access point.  The 11MB cards are, for all intends, are the 
same as the Apple cards.  Especially now that you can use the Apple Airport software 
with the 11MB Lucent cards.

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