Delete the Retrospect Help file from 4.1 from your Retrospect 4.2 folder.
This only happened with the updater that was posted in the first month of

The later updater that included documentation and the updated HTML based
help content automatically does this for you.

You may want to install Retrospect 4.1 and then download and run the current
4.2 updater so that you get the new help for Retrospect 4.2.

This will solve your issue.

Pat Lee


> Read the instructions, read-me it says to trash the help file in the
> retrospect folder.
>> "Sorry couldn't load extension Retrospect Help -24121 (extension too old)."
>> It only happens occasionally.
>> Retrospect version 4.2 on a Macintosh. The problem has only presented itself
>> since the upgrade to version 4.2.

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