On Fri, Feb 18, 2000 at 11:04:12AM -0600, Chris Chapman wrote:
> The new system will not contain a backup drive, as it is a thin
> rackmount system (IBM Netfinity 4000R).  What is the best way to perform
> network backups of a Linux based PrimeBase system?  Is it possible for
> me to run Retrospect on a Mac, having iDal on the same machine, saving
> the backups locally rather than on the remote system?  Then backing up
> with RetroSpect... Is this even possible??  

One option based on your description is to load the afpd software onto the Linux box 
so that you can publish directories as an AppleShare File Server.  Then simply have 
your (scheduled!) idal backup script run and move the backup to this directory which 
can be backed up by retrospect.  I've done that on an OS X box, and I have a Linux box 
that is running afpd quite happily so that should work.

You can script Retrospect to log into a server volume, storing the userid and password 
internally, so that it will log in, do the backup and log out without any required 
user intervention.

The only question I can see that might be a problem is the 'endianness' of PrimeBase 
as the data files for Intel-based systems are different from those of PowerPC based 
systems, although I would guess as long as you put them back by reversing the process 
you should be fine. Give it a spin & let us know!


Erik Ableson

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