I've been getting some bizzarre behaviour from the license manager.

Retrospect 4.2(Macintosh): Two strange things happened recently that I
can't find an explanation for. As I understand it, when a new client is
entered into the database, the license manager should automatically
allocate a free activation code to it. Today, I entered a new macintosh
TCP/IP client by dns name and was asked, as normal, for a security code. I
entered this and the client appeared in the database, but with no
activation code.  The odd thing being that this doesn't seem to have made
any difference; it gets backed up as it should. 

That was the first strange thing. Secondly I activated a macintosh
appletalk client, and was prompted to *enter* an activation code, which I
did. Should this happen?

And just as a general question, when a license code is used, should some
information (the user etc) appear in the manager window? All I have is a
list of codes, an empty column labeled 'status' and a small message at the
bottom saying '69 licenses used, 21 available'- confusing.

Thanks for any help.


       Geoff Lee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
       Computing Support
       Human Communication Research Centre      
       University of Edinburgh                  
       2, Buccleuch Place                      
       EH8 9LW                                  
       Scotland, UK 

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