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> Retrospect cannot back up live Exchange servers. Nor can you restore
> individual mailboxes or messages from a full Exchange backup. We are looking
> into offering an "agent" to back up live Exchange servers (as I suspect Brad
> must be using with ArcServe) some time in the future.
> Before this, though, I expect we'll have a way for you to make a "hot"
> Exchange server "cold" just for backup, then start it up again when it's
> finished. Stay tuned...

Since Exchange Server supports IMAP, what about my previous suggestion about
allowing an IMAP backup set in Retrospect, so that you could use Retrospect
to backup an entire IMAP server hierarchy. This would eliminate the need to
shut down mailservers such as Exchange Server and ASIP Mail, plus it would
be a much more functional backup, allowing you to select individual IMAP
folders and messages for restore instead of the entire mail database.

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