Dear All,

In performing a restore of a backed up Macintosh I came across I consider a

A user somehow has managed to create a folder on the client Macintosh with
some sort of illegal character(s) in a folder name. However the backups have
happily backed up all the files within that directory.

The bug means that the restoration stops when it gets to this directory,
Retrospect doesn't continue restoring everything else it can, and only makes
a note in the log that it stopped due to -37 error. It doesn't say where it
stopped. So I've had to perform a backup of a half the client at a time to
finally track down the offending folder.

Perhaps the Dantz team could do something about this in a future release.
I'd be happy to provide them with more details.

Information Systems Manager,
Division of Environmental and Life Sciences,
Macquarie University, NSW, Australia 2109, + 61 2 9850 8202 for PGP public key

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