First, the good news:  

My nightly backup saved the day!  The harddrive on my wife's Mac died 
during the comparison pass of the nightly backup.  (How's that for 
timing?)  So I was able to restore her system onto a replacement drive 
with no loss of data.  Yeah, Retrospect!

Now, the problem:

Before the restore, Mac OS file sharing allowed me to open all folders on 
her harddrive from my Mac.  But now all of the restored folders are 
displayed as locked (i.e., a belt around the folder icon).  Folders 
created after the restore are not locked.

Unlocking the older folders?

I suppose that I could unlock each of the older folders by creating a new 
folder and moving all of the content.  I suppose that I could also 
explicitly setup file sharing for each folder, but I've never had to do 
that before.

Instead, I'd prefer to understand what has gone wrong and apply an 
appropriate fix.

-- Ward

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