Hi all,

    I've not actually tried to test this yet, but it's happened in the 
past:  We back up everything (pcs and Macs) with the Mac version of 
Retrospect (now 4.2).

    Previous incremental backups of the NT machines after daylight 
savings time would redo the entire machine -- because all the dates 
on all the files would change by one hour.  I noticed this both times 
in the last year when DST changed.

    Anybody know if either:

    A)  This is addressed with the current Retrospect for the Mac 
(4.2)?  (I'm guessing not as it's not a Retrospect problem...)

    B)  It's addressed with Service Pack 6 of NT?

    C)  It's addressable by something else on the NT side?

    Sure, I can restart my Storage Sets after DST, but I'd rather not 
be *forced to* because of some bug that could be corrected.  The 
Win9x machines don't appear to have this problem and I won't know 
about the Win2000 machines until this DST rolls around, I guess...

    If it's correctable, I want to do it in the next week before DST 
hits on April 2nd again.

    Thanks all!

- Steve

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