I'm seeking advice from other server wranglers before I set up my new digs.
We just bought a G4 Mac (500 MHz, 256 MB of RAM, two Ultra2LVD 18 GB hdds on
dual-channel card, plus optional Ultra SCSI card, & AppleShareIP 6.3.1) for
file services, with the possibility of doing other things in the future.

The question is this: In all of the majority of the posts I've read at other
lists, folks are saying to run Retrospect from it's own box, which makes
perfect sense (distributing services and the like). But others report having
no problems running it on the same box. And to make things more interesting,
there's a post on Dantz's site about a patch from Apple that should do the
trick and make them play nice.

I have a 9500/200 that I resurrected from a bunch of spare parts that I
could use as a dedicated backup box (which would allow me to move our fax
software from our FileMaker Intranet 7300/180 to that and free up more room
for FileMaker) ... but it'll be backing up about 10+ gigs every night over
our 10BaseT network.

So ... do I run ASIP and Retro on the same box for faster transfers through
the Ultra SCSI card to the DDS-3 unit, or do I give it twice as long to run
so it can backup over the network (giving my ASIP box room to "breathe")? If
there are variables that I haven't thought of yet, but might find out about
the first few times out of the gate.


Dan Willson
Publications Specialist
University of Alabama at Birmingham
UAB Publications and Periodicals

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