>Hi guys (and the girls to if there's any out there on this list!),
>I've been experiencing frequent but non-the-less erratic Hardware
>Failures over the last couple of months.
>I run about 75 clients (all macs) off a 7300/200, to a Sony DSS tape
>drive. I've been marking the tapes that come up with Hardware errors,
>to see if there's a pattern. Also, I've tried disconnecting
>EVERYTHING and letting the tape drive cool for like 8 hours. Also,
>I've been head cleaning almost twice a week.
>I can't seem to correlate my actions with any specific
>results...sometimes one of the options above will seem to help for a
>few days but then BOOM...Hardware Failure? Is this a buffer underrun
>proplem or something or is the media (Tapes) the problem?
>I ordered a new head cleaning tape and 10 new DSS tapes, but does
>anyone recognize this problem and if so, what do you recommend I do?

I don't know if this will help, but we had a DDS-2 drive die on us 
last December, it never gave us any problems in nearly 2 years of 
use. APS replaced it with an identical DDS-2 drive... but that one 
was giving me random hardware failures from day one. Occasionally it 
would get through the backups without one, but after a week of this I 
called to get it replaced. They send out a replacement and have had 
no problems since... so the problem was that drive, not the tapes or 
my set up (I knew it had to be the drive since it was the only 
variable in the whole setup). Your problem may lie elsewhere, but 
don't rule out the drive itself.

-Greg Morin

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