I'm having problems with a Sony DDS3 Dat Tape drive on a Umax C600
603e/240Mhz, OS 9, retrospect 4.2. It will start a backup copying data to
the tape and the tape drive will light up as being busy. But eventually
Retrospect will lockup, and the tape drive is not busy. I tried this on a
Power Mac 7100/80 OS 7.5.3 and it worked fine, I tried a backup on another
Umax C600 with OS 8.1 and the same problem as the first Umax. I've tried
different SCSI cable, different SCSI address, even tried it with extensions
off. I'm wondering if there is some problem with the SCSI interfaces in Umax
C600's? Any help would be appreciated.

Sean McCauley
Western Communications, Inc.
IS Dept
(541)617-7827 - Direct

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