I guess it really depands what you have in each user's profile and how 
many users you have. 

If you don't back them up and you have a catastophic failure and have to 
restore your server without your RUP's, NT workstations will give the 
warning when users log in: "Your locally cached profile is not 
available....blah blah".  What I'm not sure about is if you choose to use 
your locally cached profile, will it be copied back to the server when the 
user logs out?  If it does then I guess it wouldn't be a problem.  If it 
doesn't, you might have to re-create them all from the default profile - 
which would be a pain I'm sure and everyone would lose their profile data 
of course.  And this assumes you *don't* have the system policy enabled 
that *prevents* profiles from being cached locally.

We store quite a bit of extra .ini's and application data in our RUP's so 
we just bite the bullet and back them all up.  One thing you can do to 
limit the size of the profiles though is to limit the cache in Internet 
Explorer to 1mb and lock it down.  We found users were setting it to be 
20mb and higher.  They didn't realize that file had to get copied back & 
forth each time they logged in.

Mark Maytum
Pompanoosuc Mills Corporation

Malcolm McLeary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
03/28/00 07:47 PM
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        Subject:        Selectors - Except User Profiles


It would be real nice to have that finances to build the ultimate backup
solution, but alas there are always compromises.

I have implemented roaming profiles in a Windows environment and the
immediate impact has been a huge increase in the amount of data in users
home directories and hence I now have a backup capacity problem.

Presently I'm thinking that I'll create an "except profile" selector for 
home volume to bring things back to where they were prior to implementing
roaming profiles.

I guess the issue is restore in the event of failure and what I lose by 
keeping a backup of profiles.

I'd be interested to hear opinions as to whether its reasonable to NOT
backup user profiles, given that it is already in more than one place as 

Cheers,  Malcolm

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