Retrospect and Retrospect Express 4.2 for Macintosh now support the Yamaha
CRW8424 CD-RW drive with a special pre-release driver update. This is a
modified version of the Retrospect Driver Update 1.9 (still called version
1.9, with a modification date of 3/27/2000) with support for the Yamaha
CRW8424 added. 

To obtain the driver update, please send an e-mail to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] We will send you the driver update as an e-mail
enclosure. At that time you may also opt to receive future updates on this
issue directly via e-mail.

To use this drive for backup, you will need the following:

Retrospect 4.2
The special driver update
Yamaha CRW8424 firmware version 1.0j

Retrospect 4.2 is a free update to Retrospect 4.1 available at the following


Once you have decompressed the driver update, drop it into the Retrospect
4.2 folder, replacing the existing Retrospect Driver Update 1.9 if

The Yamaha driver contained in this special driver update is not beta
software. It is the final driver version that will be contained in the next
formal Retrospect Driver Update release. This special driver update will not
be posted to the Dantz website and is being made available only to customers
who specifically inquire about support for this drive.

To know if you need a firmware update, check your current firmware version:

>From the Retrospect Directory click Configure, then Devices. Click Device
Status. In the Device Status window look for the line starting with
"Yamaha," and scan across to the Version column. If the version in this
column is less than 1.0j, please download the firmware flasher for your
drive from the following page:


Please contact Dantz Technical Support at 925.253.3050 or
[EMAIL PROTECTED] with any questions or problems. If you have questions
about the Yamaha firmware update, please contact Yamaha directly at


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

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