We have a Sony DAT drive, an SDT5200 (no compression) that has run for 
about 3 years.  It now regularly gives 206 errors on different media. It 
was given a low-cost clean/service by a Sony repair agent for ~$80 and 
although it improved the problems persist.  A tape written on it can be 
succesfully read by a loan SDT5000 which has not been extensively used.

Firstly, could this just be a case of tired media?  A set of 20 tapes
has been recycled over the last 3 years with a pair of tapes being
used daily for a month at a time.  It doesn't seem like a particularly
onerous life.  The fact that the 5000 can read them seems to agree
with that.

Secondly if it isn't the media, is it worth paying the next charge up
for the full service at around $400---will it really restore it to
full working order?  Or, should we be going for a brand new drive? DAT
drives over here in the UK seem to start around $880 for 4-8GB (which
is perfectly adequate for our needs).  We use it connected to a 6100
with G3 card and although it doesn't have 100Mb/s ethernet we aren't
backing up large quantities.  However, should I be looking at backing
up our new iMacs with something USB-based? What is there in fact? I've
not looked at this for three years so am not up-to-date on smaller
scale options (I'm familiar with DLT and its costs and it really isn't
justified for this size of operation and AIT seems to fall into the
same camp).


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