What range of data transfer rate do you get with that DDS-3?
Is it fast enough to warrant a SCSI accelerator (F, F/W, U or U2)?

> on Friday 3/31/2000 Don Foy wrote:
> I use a 7600 with a LaCie DDS-3 drive attached and get good results
> (remembering to clean the heads every 15 hours or so). Ours cost about
> $1,000 US direct from LaCie
> <http://www.lacie.com/scripts/backup/backup.cfm>.
> DDS 3 tapes cost about $25. These drives have hardware 
> compression and I
> back up almost everything we have every night on them.
> We backup about 25 GB a night.
> You probably need to get past the nubus Mac and get into PCI. 
> Even a 6400 or
> 7500 will do and you can put fast ethernet on it pretty cheap 
> and get a lot
> of backup for your money.

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