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> What range of data transfer rate do you get with that DDS-3?
> Is it fast enough to warrant a SCSI accelerator (F, F/W, U or U2)?

Because of differing drive speeds and the difference in content, we get as
little as 10 mb/minute on one really slow drive and as much as 110 mb/minute
on one of the Fast-Wide drives. All of this is across the network because we
use a dedicated Retrospect server.

The servers being backed up are 8600/300's with F internal (may be F/W, I'd
have to check the documentation)  and one with Adaptec F/W card and F/W

Our DDS-3 is a standard SCSI interface (no F, F/W or otherwise). I would
guess (This is only a guess) that if your DDS-3 has a fast SCSI interface,
it would work faster, but the tape speed may be the limiting factor here. I
don't have any evidence either way.


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