We bought an internal VXA 1 SCSI tape drive to replace the DLT 4000 that
died on us last week.  Our backup server is a Powermac 7200/90.  While the
price and capacity of  the device are great (< 66 GB with 2:1 compression),
we are having trouble getting the data transfer rate even close to what the
DLT provided.

Using Retrospect 4.2, we backup over our 100Mb TCPIP network, from b/wG3
300 ASIP server.  The DLT gave us <80MB/minute in the same configuration.
The VXA drive transfer rate ranges from 18 to 45MB/minute. After
eliminating SCSI and ethernet problems, we have seen little improvement.

I can only conclude that the DLT has a superior speed due to the native
hardware compression.

The question is this:  Does processor speed have that great an impact on
transfer when using software compression?  Would a G3 improve the software
compression speed enough to get the transfer rates up above 70MB/minute?

BTW, I tried running Retrospect on the ASIP server, and when I arived the
next morning, my server had locked up...no files had been backed up.  Is
this a known issue with ASIP 6.2?

Jon Oplinger
Howell, Ltd
477 Congress St
Portland, Maine 04101

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