>I have 2 VXA drives installed on an upgraded 8500 to a 300mhz G3. I get an
>average of 160mb/min with an Adaptec 2940uw card. VXA has built-in
>compression so turn off software compression.

I downloaded the spec sheets and  you're right...thanks.   I had software
compression turned on because I didn't know the VXA has its own hardware
compression. That's what I get for making assumptions. Curiously,
Retrospect is supposed to disable software compression in the presence of
hardware compression, even if it the box is checked.   I will test and see
if speed increases without it.

>I took Retrospect off my server. I prefer separation of services. I didn't
>have any problems but lots of people did. I believe Jon Gardner who watches
>this list can give you greater insight on Retrospect/ASIP.


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