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We had similar problem. Go to Preferences -> Media Handling and make sure that "Eject 
Media" (At Quit, eject any accessed tapes and CDs) is not selected.

Marc De Sweemer wrote:
>I'm using a new APS DAT DDS-4 (Sony) for a week now.
>I can do a normal backup, I can do a normal restore and
>the script I use, at night, is working fine except for one thing:
>every morning I see that the tape drive has ejected the Sony DDS-4 >(20G) tape after 
>a successful backup. I insert the tape again, and >everything is ok again to make the 
>following backup at night.
>Is this normal? I don't have this problem with my two (2) other >(=older) DAT DDS 
>drives from APS (Archive Python).
>The drive is connected to a G3 server running Appleshare IP v6.2 >(only as File 
>server) System 8.6.
>Retrospect 4.2 driver 1.9
>(user of Retrospect since v1; 4 licences + 20 clients)
>Hopefully somebody can help, because it is annoying, esspecially >during the 
>Marc De Sweemer
>Diavak (Kodak Q-Lab)
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