First let me say thanks to everyone who responded to my questions about the 
G4 I had crashing over night.  Several people told me there were OT 
software updates. Turns out when he turned off Retrospect the crashing 
stopped. I don't think that was the whole problem though because I found 
duplicate copies of several extensions when I went to turn Retro back 
on.  We'll see now if he still crashes.

Now on to another nagging question:

My users are quite annoyed that every time a full backup of our AppleShare 
file server occurs the server seems to hang.  Error logs show a 519 
error.  This happens about 99% of the time a full backup of every server 
volume is done.


File Server is a PowerMac 7600/132 with 64 MB of RAM running OS 8.1 and 
ASIP 5.0.3. It has Retrospect client 4.2 and backups up via TCP/IP using 
the built-in Ethernet.  It has 2 9G disk drives attached to it, one is 
partitioned into 3 partitions and the other 2 (only one is active). I 
realize this machine is the lowest end configuration for ASIP but I'm still 
convincing them to buy a new machine.

Backup server is a PowerMAc 7500/100 with 32 MB of RAM running OS 
7.6.1.  Tape drive is a HP Sure Store DAT24.  Retrospect server software is 
also 4.2.

Until I can get them to buy a new file server does anyone have any idea 
what I might be able to do to stop the crashing?


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