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You should upgrade to OS 8.6 certainly on the ASIP server, probably on
the Retro backup server as well. This should clear up ethernet problems
on these macs. 

Or, if you have a 10/100 network, you should install 10/100 ethernet
cards (Asante) in the file server and backup server. This will make lots
of people happy, not just the net admins.

Just check that ASIP 5.0.3 is okay on OS 8.6; I think it isn't so you'd
need to upgrade ASIP as well. You don't necessarily need to buy a new
file server but the software upgrade would be a good idea. (any software
you spend money upgrading will be transferrable to new server hardware
when the time comes).

Lisa Weihl wrote:
> Hi,
> First let me say thanks to everyone who responded to my questions about the
> G4 I had crashing over night.  Several people told me there were OT
> software updates. Turns out when he turned off Retrospect the crashing
> stopped. I don't think that was the whole problem though because I found
> duplicate copies of several extensions when I went to turn Retro back
> on.  We'll see now if he still crashes.
> Now on to another nagging question:
> My users are quite annoyed that every time a full backup of our AppleShare
> file server occurs the server seems to hang.  Error logs show a 519
> error.  This happens about 99% of the time a full backup of every server
> volume is done.
> Specs:
> File Server is a PowerMac 7600/132 with 64 MB of RAM running OS 8.1 and
> ASIP 5.0.3. It has Retrospect client 4.2 and backups up via TCP/IP using
> the built-in Ethernet.  It has 2 9G disk drives attached to it, one is
> partitioned into 3 partitions and the other 2 (only one is active). I
> realize this machine is the lowest end configuration for ASIP but I'm still
> convincing them to buy a new machine.
> Backup server is a PowerMAc 7500/100 with 32 MB of RAM running OS
> 7.6.1.  Tape drive is a HP Sure Store DAT24.  Retrospect server software is
> also 4.2.
> Until I can get them to buy a new file server does anyone have any idea
> what I might be able to do to stop the crashing?
> Thanks,
> Lisa
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