>Lisa - 
>You should upgrade to OS 8.6 certainly on the ASIP server, probably on
>the Retro backup server as well. This should clear up ethernet problems
>on these macs. 

ASIP 5.0.3 will work only with Mac OS 8.1.  
The current rev of ASIP is 6.3.1 and requires Mac OS 9.0.4 
(upgrade pricing applicable)

I am running ASIP 5.0.3 on a 9500/150 with Mac OS 8.1, Retrospect runs on the same 

It has been mostly stable, but not perfect.  The important thing with ASIP is setting 
enough reserved memory for other applications, and if you are running the retro client 
on the server, make sure that run in background is checked and that priority is not 
set all the way to backup.

For more information on running ASIP w/wo retrospect, there is a list hosted by Apple 
for ASIP discussion

this topic get discussed often

Hope this helps.

Philip Chonacky, IS Manager
Barrett Companies
ph. (617) 577-9500
fx. (617) 577-1010

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