I recently started using an OnStream SC30e for backing up the SCSI drives
I use for digital video editing. The SC30e has been working well with
Retrospect, and the combination is economical and fast. But it has a
behavior I haven't experienced with DAT or DLT tape systems. At random
points during the backup, the drive rewinds back to the beginning
(message=Rewinding) and then fast forwards to the last data point
(message=Locating) to resume the backup.

  This adds considerably to the total backup time, but I had assumed it was
the nature of the drive. However when I recently needed to restore an entire
disk this rewind/locate cycle happened for every 8-10MB of data restored. It
took 7 hours to restore 3.5GB of data.

  Anyone know if this is normal? Since I already owned Retrospect I bought
the Windows version of the SC30e, so I don't know if the OnStream/Retrospect
package ships with special instructions.


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