I am new to this forum and new to Retrospect so please cut me some slack if
I ask a stupid question.

I work for a small nonprofit organization and our network consists mostly of
Macs with a few Wintell PCs thrown in here and there.  Currently our Mac
network protocol is AppleTalk, but I am trying to ADD TCP/IP in order to
benefit from the speed gain while backing up with Retrospect. Everything
looks like it is working fine on the Macs that do not connect to the
Internet via AOL (we are not currently in an area that supports high
bandwidth so each computer must connect to the Internet via modem).  On the
Macs that do connect via AOL I have had nothing but problems since I
activated TCP/IP.  Many times when booting the Macs I get endless error
messages about trying to run Internet applications via AOL, or when I do not
get those, I can connect to AOL, but I can not access ANY web sites.  Since
getting these problems, I believe I have set everything back to pre-TCP/IP
settings, but the problems still persist.  Simultaneously with the TCP/IP
problems, these same Macs have started, well . . . pausing intermittently
for 5 to 10 seconds.  I have also tried reinstalling AOL, deleting and
recreating the TCP/IP preferences, and completely turning off TCP/IP on
these Macs, but nothing seems to work.

In setting up the TCP/IP settings I followed the instructions found in
Appendix A of  the Retrospect Manual.  I left the AOL TCP/IP settings alone,
but changed the Default settings appropriately (manual configuration since
we do not currently have a DHCP server).

At this point I do not care if I can get TCP/IP working on these Macs,
AppleTalk would be fine, but I have to get rid of these other problems.

Stiles Watson
Director of Information Services
The Church Initiative, Inc.

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