Some background:

We'er using CD-R to back up a small network since we do sofware dev.
and it's nice to know that you can go back to the previous drive state
on any day in the past.  It usually takes about 15 CD's for the initial
backup and then the set grows at about 1 CD every 5 or 6 days.

The problem:

When starting a new set, there are often long lag times between CD
changes and sometimes the backup of a machine will be interrupted,
for any of several reasons,  part of the way through either the backup
or verify.  Is there any way to verify that what has already been
backed up to the storage set is the same as what is on the drive?

My understanding of how Retrospect operates is:

The tools menu will only allow you to verify that the data in the
backup set is valid.... not that it is the same as what's on the
drive.  On the next incremental, it will only backup files
that are not already in the backup set and since the backup was
interrupted before those where verified, you still don't know if
you have a good backup.

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