Matthew Tevenan wrote:
> Woah, hold on there, Chuck.
> I'm unable to find any contacts with technical support for you about this
> issue but I would like to encourage you to contact us if you still own this
> drive.
> I know from personal experience (with a new iBook) that trying to get a
> Spressa drive to work with one of the newer Macs can be challenging, but in
> the end it was all a matter of the correct extensions. After they were in
> place, it worked flawlessly.
> Please let us know if you'd still like to troubleshoot this!

Sony Tech Support informed me that client's new Spressa iLink (purchased
in February through distribution) did not work with the G4 unless the
firmware was updated. The update required shipping the drive back to
Sony where they would update the firmware. The time frame for the
upgrade was two weeks after receipt by Sony. If you would like the Case
Numbers, etc., I am sure I can get them for you.

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