I had the same problem. Call Dantz customer service:  1-800-982-9980. 
They will email you an update which will allow you to back up usiing 
the 8424S.
Mary Allen

>First, apologies to the list. I know I've seen this mentioned previously,
>but the list archive search engine was down...
>I've got a client that wishes to backup directly to a Yamaha CDRW
>8424S...actually in a LaCie housing.
>I updated to the latest firmware 1.0j, & the system (as well as Toast) sees
>the drive on the SCSI bus.
>When attempting to do a Retrospect backup, however, a "device not found"
>message comes up. In Configure Devices, the initial screen indicates no
>backup devices, but Retrospect's SCSI scan mechanism sees the device on the
>appropriate ID. In this window, the device is correctly identified, but is
>flagged as having no driver.
>Could someone point me to a solution to this problem?
>Bob Humphrey
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