>I would like to know what Backup Solutions are available to Backup both Mac
>ASIP & NT servers?

Retrospect is the only solution I am familiar with.

>Can Retrospect Mac or PC do the job for both?

Yes, and very well.

>IF so,  what is the Disaster Recovery procedure to get up and running?
>Must we create a separate Backup of the system resources to be able to boot
>from that have the drivers for the DLT?

Not so much a separate backup, as ensuring sufficient resources to 
bootstrap back to a functional backup/restore system. Steps in 
Disaster Recovery are something like:

- get a functioning system again. Needs: system software CDs or a 
replacement computer already bootable.

- get a functioning version of Retrospect again. Needs: Retrospect 
software and licence codes.

- restore from backup as per instructions in manual. Needs: an 
existing backup, and hardware to read the backup (including drivers 
if appropriate).
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