I am getting much better performance from my VXA1 drive now.  Manually
disabling software compression (Retrospect is supposed to know if hardware
compression is available, but this does not work in my case), and replacing
a faulty ribbon cable in my external scsi case eliminated most of the
problems.  I am getting a max of 110MB/minute on my copies, and 60MB/minute
on my verification.  Capacity is about 40GB of images per 66GB tape... not

I am still having a problem when the backup crosses to a new tape:
Retrospect 4.2 will fill the first tape, and ask for a new one.  It will
then proceed to finish copying whatever volume it happens to be backing up.
When this volume is completed, Retrospect will begin verification and ask
for the first tape again. So I eject tape 2, and insert tape 1.  Fine.
However, when it asks for tape 2 again, and I insert tape 2, I will
occasionally get a "content unrecognized" error.  This seems to happen when
I insert a blank tape for tape 2 of the backup member.  If the tape is
already named appropriately, in other words, not blank, this problem does
not seem to occur.

any ideas?

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