Hi fellow list readers.
I have a problem and I hope you can help me solve it.
Every night I run a back-up of my FirstClass server and if my 4th
Dimension database.
This results in 3 large files (700 MB - 2 GB) being copied to a 25-50 Gb
AIT drive.
But the comparing time takes 3 - 5 times longer than the copy time eg. the
server copies 102 mb/min and compares 20 mb/ min.  I do belive that the
comparing should be faster than the copying, It used to be in the good old
days before version 4.2

Have anybody seen anything like this. Or does anybody have any idears ??

My tech. spec. are as follows.

- Back-up server : Apple Macintosh 9500 
- Sony AIT 25-30 GB in Lacie housing
- Retrospect 4.2
- ADK 1.7
- Retrospect Driver Update 1.9

Kind regards

Med venlig hilsen,
TSM/Jesper Greve

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