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> I would like to know what Backup Solutions are available to Backup both Mac
> ASIP & NT servers?
> Can Retrospect Mac or PC do the job for both?
> IF so,  what is the Disaster Recovery procedure to get up and running?
> Must we create a separate Backup of the system resources to be able to boot
> from that have the drivers for the DLT?
> any suggestions???

There are several backup packages that will work with Macs and PCs, but in
my experience Retrospect is the least expensive, most flexible, and most
reliable. At a previous job, I used ArcServe, which is a very powerful
package but there's no Mac OS version of the server and the Mac client is
buggy. Plus, ArcServe is very pricey and the user interface is
non-intuitive. I much prefer Retrospect.

As far as disaster recovery, the critical thing is to be sure that all
critical files are not "in use" at the time of the backup. The Mac client is
able to read the system files etc. without a problem, but some database
programs might not allow Retrospect to backup open databases...or you run
the risk of having an unusable version of the file in the backup. The
typical workaround is to setup the database server to dump a static copy of
the databases to a backup folder on the drive prior to the Retrospect

NT is a little different animal, because NT holds several key system files
open and doesn't allow them to be read by any other process. Retrospect has
an NT service that is able to create static copies of these files so that
the backup process can access "clean" versions of them. The Retrospect
documentation details the proper steps necessary for restoring an NT box,
but suffice to say that it is very doable.

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