I'm running a system with about 100 cpus. To this point we've been using
a single AIT2 drive, and doing a lot of tape changing to deal with backups.
However, we're still growing and it seems the single drive solution is
starting to show it's inadequacy for our needs. So, we're looking into

    We're currently running a Cybernetics library for our unix systems,
under Arkeia (since there was no dantz solution-hint hint) ;-). For the most
part we've been happy with it, but it does exhibit occasional quirks. We
like the idea of a tape library, as it allows for full automation with less
chances for user error. What I'd be very interested in hearing are any real
world experiences with Retrospect and AIT tape libraries. Good or bad.
Before we plunk down that kind of cash we'd like to make the decision as
informed as possible. We're currently dealing with about 300+gigs total
data(full backups take 3-4 weekends, with one AIT2 per weekend, nightly
incrementals are around 6gigs), but expect that to grow rather quickly and
want to leave some headroom. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

    Also, anybody have a solution for notification of failures? I've been
toying with hacking up an applescript solution to my pager, but if someone's
already done it...  ;-)

    Thanks in advance folks...


Ed Hintz
Geek Guy

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