Bad backup set header errors indicate Retrospect encountered a missing or
damaged file header, which contains information such as the file's name and

We troubleshoot these as we do any other hardware-related error, by trying
to pinpoint the source. The first place to look is the media itself. Try
another tape. Does that one give the error as well? Does this error occur on
all tapes? If so, move on to other device troubleshooting.

Update SCSI card drivers if this is not the native SCSI bus. Take any other
devices off the SCSI chain. Try a backup. Does this work?

Use a cleaning tape to clean the drive's heads.

Try a different cable from the Mac to the tape drive.

Try a different terminator on the back of the drive. If the drive is
actively terminated, turn active termination off and put a physical
terminator on the back of the drive.

Try the drive on another Mac.

If you still get these errors after trying all these steps, the problem is
with your drive. The purpose of this troubleshooting is to pinpoint what
variable is causing the errors, and at the end, the only variable left is
the drive itself.

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support team:

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> Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 16:13:27 +0200
> Subject: out of Sync
> Dear fellow listreaders
> I hope you will be able to help me with input regarding a back-up problem.
> My server want me to resync my catalog on my storage set, but when doing
> so nothing happens except in the log were retrospect add's 11.000 lines
> saying : 
> Bad Backup set heder found (0x20202020 at 145.950.778).
> Bad Backup set heder found (0x20202020 at 145.951.290).
> Bad Backup set heder found (0x20202020 at 145.951.802).
> Bad Backup set heder found (0x20202020 at 145.952.314).
> Bad Backup set heder found (0x20202020 at 145.952.826).
> an keeps going on for another 11.000 lines.
> I'm using a AIT 25-50 GB drive with an 16 k chip tape.
> Any comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> TSM/Jesper Greve
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