Yesterday I tried to backup a Windows client but I encountered a 
major error. I  am using Retrospect 4.2 on a PM 7100/66 and doing 
client backups (Mac/Win) via TCP/IP. I have sucessfully backed up two 
other Windows clients both operating on Windows98. However I tried 
last nite to backup a Windows95 client (I first ran the Microsoft 
Socket Patch as outlined in the manual) which started out OK until 
about half way through when Retrospect gave a "lost communication" 
error. The Windows client was not in use and when I went to check it, 
the screen was in DOS mode and displayed something like "trouble 
writing file to C disk" I had no option other than to force restart 
it and eventually I got it back to normal. Any ideas what may cause 

Paul Harms,
Mac/Scanner Operator,
Toronto,  CANADA

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