Hi all,
Here is a tough question:

What is
MapError: unknow Windows Error 2,273
TSessInfo::MessageBufferSend: UNetMessageBufferSend failed, winerr 2273,
error - 1001


MapError: unknow Windows error 2,310
TPCVol::ServerForceDisk: UNetShareDel failed, E:\, winerr 2310, error -1001

We are running Retrospect Server Backup v5.11
DELL PowerEdgy 2300 Dual PentiumII 400
ARCHIVE Python Tape drive
2 x 8G HD
4 G HD
3 G HD
1.5G HD

During BIG backup (inital backup) we sometimes (not always) get Error -205
(lost access to stroage medium).  But I can not find any problem with the
SCSI or the tape drive.

Any ideas or help is appreciated.


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