(A short recap., I have G4 that I wants to back up. The problem is 
that it is set to save and sleep (save memory to disk and sleep) and 
the only way to wake it up remortely is by generating 'administrative 
network activity', which wwas my problem, how do yo do that?)

The answer:

This is not a real answer, more of a workaround...

1. I set the G4 to wake up a couple of minutes before it is supposed 
to be backed up in the Energy Saver CP.
2. On the server, I made a Timbuktu bookmark for file exchange (I 
don't exchange any files, this just prevents the computer from 
falling a sleep again) which I launch before the back up starts.
3. After the backup I shutdown the server so that the Timbuktu 
transfer is cancelled. Not a beautiful solution but it works quite 

However, I still have a problem, when the G4 wants to go to sleep, a 
modal warning dialog pops up saying that a Timbutktu transfer is 
going on in the background. THis dialog doesn't go away, even when 
the server is shutdown, and Okey-dokey doesn't 'see' it either so I 
have to manually click away it:-( Any ideas ?

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