Over the weekend we had to recover our website after a nasty crash. We used
our hourly Retrospect backup to bring back our files. To our utter
astonishment and dismay Retrospect does not recover empty folders.

Our site relies on putting carts and other order related files in folders to
have them processed. The great majority of the time these folders sit empty,
but without them the processing portion of the site breaks completely.
WebCatalog will try to process any files that are in these folders so we
cannot put placeholder files. Even invisible files trigger the process.
There is no way to avoid having these files sit empty. Thus whenever
Retrospect backups the site it finds a lot of empty folders which it makes
note of but not restore.

When we realized what was happening we checked the FAQ's Retrospect's site
and read that this is normal behavior for Retrospect and that there is no
way to force it to restore any empty folders. Once we picked up our jaws
from the floor we figured there must be some other backup option that will
backup and restore a site including all folders, whether they are empty or

Has anybody else come across this problem? How else do we backup our site?
Why would this be the default behavior of Retrospect? We are using
Retrospect 4.2 backing up to a VXA tape drive on a PowerMac G4 running MacOS
9.0.4. We use WebStar 4.2 and WebCatalog 3.0.8 to run our site.

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