>In the listing of backup set members, Retrospect gives the space
>taken up on tape. Is this value represent the total of the raw data
>or the total of compressed data? I am seeing about 45 GB on the 230
>meter AIT-2 tapes and presume this a compressed value, that the raw
>data is somewhat higher than this. If it is the raw value, then the
>tapes are not storing the amount I think they should be.

No one replied, so I called tech support and learned that Retrospect 
reports the total value of the data uncompressed. This means I am not 
storing anywhere near the numbers quoted on the tape (100 GB with 2:1 
compression). It turns out that the tape spins at a constant rate, so 
if throughput is slow, sections of the tape are skipped and that 
space is lost! In order to utilize the full capacity of a tape, 
throughput must equal that of the tape drive.
Maurice Volaski, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Computing Support, Rose F. Kennedy Center
Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

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