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>> This may be an out off topic question, but I have used Retrospect for
>> years in network environments and have switched recently to a Linux
>> based file server. As far as I can see, there is no available product on
>> the market that supports a Linux backup-server with possible MacOS
>> networked clients. As Retrospect is really great I would like to see
>> also a Linux version of Retrospect Server Backup Software. Is there any
>> intention in this direction?
> I would think that this would come after, or along side the MacOS X version.
> It would be the most sensible way as I assume (Stop me if I am wrong) but
> the actual Retrospect engine would be written as a BSD Daemon. This should
> be fairly trivial to port to Linux.

I'd actually like to see a Linux/*NIX based client first, since I'd like to
add my two Linux servers into the mix. I can see the issue of releasing a
commercial product like this for a generally open-source environment, while
trying to keep it closed source and still work on everyone's machine and
different distributions. Distributed.net does it pretty good, so it can't be
too hard.

As it stands now, I need to run two parallel backups, and have yet to find
anything as nice as Retrospect for Linux. I trust Retrospect, I don't trust
tar or dump as much. =)

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