I had a early model SNAP server in my office for evaluation few one month
ago and we did some tests using Retrospect.

1. volume size was two, 7GB drives, mounted on our backup computer as two
separate volumes.

2. OS for the backup computer was OS 8.5

3. mounted as AppleTalk

4. No problems doing the entire backup... connection remained solid.

OPINION: The SNAP server is a *great* product... but, backups tended to
swamp our network during the day when I tested it. We here have chosen NOT
to purchase it but to instead purchase a Mac OS X server so that the network
files that are stored on the server will be backed up locally and not over
the network. This will present other problems (retrospect does not currently
have a product that runs on the OS X side of the server -- but,
unofficially, retrospect does operate from the OS 9 compatibility window)

Hope this helps.
-John Spady
University of Washington
Friday Harbor Labs

on 7/7/00 4:01 PM, Nicholas Froome at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Does anyone out there have first-hand knowledge of backing up Quantum
> SnapServers (or other NAS) in a Macintosh environment?
> I know it should work, but I get a funny feeling when I think about backing up
> 120 Gb of data as a mounted volume...
> If anyone has tried it, I'd like to know:
> * what the volume size was
> * the OS version of the machine it was mounted on to be backed up
> * how it was mounted to the host machine (TCP/IP or AppleTalk)
> * whether they have had any problems retaining a connection to it when backing
> up large amounts of data
> I emailed Dantz support about this but received no reply.
> Regards

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