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> Where are the Activator Codes stored, serverside or clientside?


With Retrospect 4.2 are no more activator codes. The same is true with all
versions of Retrospect for Windows.

Client licenses are now stored in Retrospect's License Manager. If you had
old-style Retrospect Clients with activator codes, then the License Manager
automatically knows how many client licenses (i.e., a 10-pack) you already
have. When you forget a client computer, the License Manager makes that
license available for a new client system to be logged in. To add more
Retrospect Clients, you can now just enter a license code into License

> I downloaded the pdf's and I've seen those before. I couldn't find that
> info...

Retrospect 4.2 Release Notes, page 2, section heading: Application-Based
Client Licensing.

Retrospect 4.2 User's Guide, page 82 for installing client software, page 91
for uninstalling the client software.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

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