Hi All,
    Some time back I mentioned that I wanted a script to intermittently ping
the retrospect server, and page me if it wasn't working. Nobody mentioned
any pre-existing items, so I set out to write one.

    After searching long and hard for a Mac OS based App which would:

A-generate an ICMP ping
B-was AppleScriptable
C-cost less that $20

I gave up. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just that I couldn't find it after
several weeks of on and off searching. So, I resorted to Unix and hacked up
the following perl script. I tested this on a RedHat 6.1 box and a Mandrake
7.1 box, it works fine on both. It does require a working installation of
sendmail, and a pager or cellphone w/email access, since these are
ubiquitous and cheap nowadays (good excuse to get a cell on the company
tab). ;-) I decided an email system is more flexible than an attached modem,
but the last section which sends the email could be fairly easily modified
to use an attached modem and dial out to a older pager.

    My next plan for the project is to expand it and monitor my other
servers as well, but I'm starting here. I'm painfully aware that the Unix
requirement is going to lose a large portion of the target audience, so I
hope this is useful for somebody. If you use it and want to know when I get
around to updating it for multiple servers drop me an email and I'll try not
to lose your address...  ;-)

    Note the ol' catch 22-"Qui custodiet ipsos custodes?" (who will watch
the watchers). If you're really paranoid about high availability you may
want to set up another server on an independent network connection running
the same script... OTOH, if you're really paranoid about high availability
you're likely already running a much nicer system than this...  ;-)


use Net::Ping;

# This script will attempt to ping a remote server. If the server
# does not reply, it will attempt 2 more times, waiting for a determined
# number of seconds between attempts. Upon 3 failures, it will email
# the specified address of the failure.
# Variables which need to be set:
# $ip is the machine to ping
# $sleep is the number of seconds you wish to wait between pings (300 = 5
# minutes).
# $email is the address to which notification is sent (your pager or
#  cellphone email).

$ip = "";
$sleep = 300;
$email = "you\@yourdomain.com";

# User variables set, clear others:

$down = 0;

# All variables set, let's get to work...

while ($down < 3) {

 $p = Net::Ping->new("icmp");

 if ($p->ping($ip)){
# print "debug code-its alive";

 else {
#  print "debug code-down is now $down";
  sleep $sleep;

open(MAIL, "| sendmail -oi $email");
print MAIL <<EOF;
From: server\@yourdomain.com
Reply-to: admin\@yourdomain.com
Errors-to: admin\@yourdomain.com
Sender: server\@yourdomain.com
Subject: Backup server is down

Backup server is not responding.

 close MAIL;



Ed Hintz
Geek Guy

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