Hi folks!

Last night's backup stopped halfway through the process, asking for a 
new tape. I was told by the previous sysadmin that the tapes should 
"eat their own tails" and not ask for a new tape, but this is the 
first time that we've hit the end of the tape in our new set of 
backup tapes.

I don't know a lot about this, but should the tape do this? Is there 
a setting in Retrospect to make it to this, or do I need to actually 
start using another tape/set?

I'm using a DDS-3 APS tape drive, and just upgraded to Retrospect 
4.3. We have a two-week tape rotation set, using a different tape for 
each night Monday-Friday. On Friday we do a full backup set, with 
incrementals during the week. The laptops are on their own backup 
server set during the day.

Sorry about the newbie-type question, but I still don't have the hang 
of this. :)

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