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> We've just recently become interested in purchasing some commercial
> product to allow for file/disk/folder locking, for more security on
> our desktops.
> Can anyone tell me what effect this might have on Retrospect backups,
> and what, if any, products will work with Retrospect to make sure the
> backup is successful?

In most cases, the Retrospect client has full access to the file system
regardless of what's locked or unlocked. If you employ a locking scheme that
involves encrypting files/folders, then Retro will back up the encrypted
stuff so you'd need to unencrypt any restored files/folders (possibly with
an old password?).

> And I'm assuming that no one has any ideas on my earlier question
> about the tape rewinding and starting over again, which means I need
> to start a new tape set. <sigh> If you have any other ideas, please
> tell me!

If Retrospect spits out a tape during a backup, that means that it needs
more than one tape to contain all of the data. If you want to reuse a
tapeset, you need to perform a "recycle" backup instead of a "normal"
backup. This will erase all existing contents of a backup set.

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