Pat Lee wrote:

> What is the configuration of your setup (computer, OS, SCSI card, other SCSI
> peripherals)? Is the Sony DAT drive a narrow (50 pin) or wide (68 pin)
> drive? What type of SCSI card is it connected to (narrow or wide)? Is this
> first drive connected to the SCSI card or is there another external drive
> connected it before it.

Yes, I should have posted that information with the original post.
9600/184mb w/ Newer G3 card, OS 9.0.4.  The drive is an APS enclosure Sony DDS-4 68 pin
wide off a Adaptec 2940UW (bus 2, id 1).  The primary drive (internal) for the machine
is also on this card (SCSI bus 2, id 6).

SCSI config looks like this:
Bus 0
id 0  IBM HD
id 3  CD-ROM
id 5  Zip
Bus 1
id 4  Yamaha CDR 4260
Bus 2
id1  DDS-4 tape [Sony SDT-10000]
id 6  Quantum Atlas 9gb

Other cards in the machine: Keyspan USB, Asante 10/100 Ethernet, Keyspan Serial Port
Expansion card (not in use), the video card.

As soon as I have a chance I intend to do the extensions thing looking for conflicts
there, but since this thing hangs on the SCSI scan, I'm not sure that that is worth the

Craig Gaevert, A.I.A.
TLCD Architecture
Santa Rosa, CA

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