Julia wrote:
>We've just recently become interested in purchasing some commercial
>product to allow for file/disk/folder locking, for more security on
>our desktops.
>Can anyone tell me what effect this might have on Retrospect backups,
>and what, if any, products will work with Retrospect to make sure the
>backup is successful?

We use DiskGuard at our office to lock access to the desktop. It runs on
both the client machines and my backup server. It has no effect on
Retrospect. I would imagine that other products would act the same.

>And I'm assuming that no one has any ideas on my earlier question
>about the tape rewinding and starting over again, which means I need
>to start a new tape set.

Sounds like you ran out of space and need another tape. My backup is
taking 6 tapes a week - if you look in the manual, there are instructions
on how to estimate the amount of storage you will need to complete a

You might want to try filtering some files that aren't important or that
no one will ever ask you to restore as a way to save space and reduce
the number of tapes you need. I have a long list of filters, but some
easy ones are

-anything in the trash (there are people who never empty it here)
-anything in the Netscape/IE cache folder
-anything in Recent Apps/Docs/Servers folders
-anything in OS 9 Temporary Items folder
-movies or mp3 files? (not that anyone would have many on their drive)

To see how much space you might save, try an immediate restore
on one of the folders listed above - you might be surprised how much
junk is on your tape. Another option instead of using filters is to ask
the clients to enable "personal files/folders" and mark the browser
cache folders with a bullet (opt/8) to screen them out. I find filters
work better, because the clients don't have to remember to mark
the folder again after a reinstall.


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