I currently am running several scripts, one of which backs up every 
client each day.  When I had only that particular script running, 
Retrospect would "auto start" normally, run the script, then quit and 
e-mail me the log file--no problem.

Recently, however, I've added some scripts to run _after_ the main 
one, backing up all files on each client, one client each night. 
That script also works fine, e-mails me the results, but it doesn't 
quit after it's completed.

I didn't change the settings, and when only the main script is 
running (like on weekends), then the program quits fine each time 
after completing the back up.

Any thoughts as to why this might be?  It's a minor annoyance, but 
still puzzling.

Jeffry C. Nichols, PhD
Instructor/Lab Coordinator
Rice University
Biochemistry Department
Houston, Texas

Phone:  713-348-2660

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