Julia asked:

>If we purchase another tape drive, is it possible to tell Retrospect
>to backup a certain selection set to one drive, and another set to a
>different drive? I read in the manual, and here on the list, that you
>can use two drives as a "poor man's autoloader," which I understand
>how it works and it's fine.

Sounds something like my setup - I used to have three drives until
one died, so now I'm at two. My autoloader is on order (finally!).

To make this work, all you need to do is create two different backup
sets / name the tapes differently. The backup set will look for the
properly named tape. If it can't find a tape with the correct name
_and_ doesn't see an erased tape, it will stop with a dialog asking
whether you want to eject the tape to put the correct one in or if
it should erase what's in the drive. It won't do anything until you
give it an answer.

>However, I'm interested in test driving the new VXA drive, and was
>hoping I could use it to just backup our servers, and not our client
>desktops. I'd like to leave those still backing up to our DDS-3 DAT

You will have to make two scripts and two backup sets. Should work


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